• Compound:1164
  • SNP:126757
  • miRNA:319
  • Gene:17625
  • CRmiRSNP:150


CREAM (Chemotherapy ResistancE-Associated MiRSNP Database) is a free online database depositing the functional miRSNP associated with chemotherapy resistance. The term miRSNP was coined and defined as a novel class of functional single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) that can interfere with microRNA (miRNA) function and result in loss of miRNA regulation of target gene. Various evidences have supported that miRSNPs play significant roles in regulating chemotherapy resistance. For instance, Misha et al. have demonstrated that a functional miRSNP 829C→T presenting in the 3’ UTR of the Dihydrofolate Reductase (DHFR) gene can regulate methotrexate resistance through leading to loss of miR-24 function and over expression of DHFR. Through utilizing genomic location and miRNA regulatory information, CREAM have totally identified 150 chemotherapy resistance-associated miRSNP (CRmiRSNPs) across 1164 compounds from the chemotherapy response data as well as SNP genotyping, gene expression and miRNA expression profile.

Citation: Enyu Dai†, Yingli Lv†, Fanlin Meng, Xuexin Yu, Yan Zhang, Shuyuan Wang, Xinyi Liu, Dianming Liu, Jing Wang, Xia Li*, Wei Jiang*. CREAM: a database for chemotherapy resistance-associated miRSNP. CELL DEATH and DISEASE. 2014 May 29. 5:e1272.