Supplementary files:

Supplementary file 1: The predicted associations between small molecules and miRNAs

   The full list of predicted associations between small molecules and miRNAs is provided. There are 496 small molecules-miRNAs connections including 275 small molecules and 25 AD-related miRNAs, which are used to construct the bioactive Small molecule and miRNA association Network in AD (SmiRN-AD).
   In the table, column 1 and 2 are the miRNA and small molecule names, respectively. Column 3 indicates the connection of positive or negative type.

download links: Associations between small molecules and miRNAs.xls

Supplementary file 2: The differentially expressed probes in meta-analysis

   In total, 4503 differentially expressed probes are listed. They were obtained by meta-analysis in nine case-control studies that were corresponding to different Microarray studies and brain regions.
   Column 1 is the probe id, and column 2 is the statistics obtained by meta-analysis. Column 3 and column 4 indicate the p-value and corresponding q-value.

download links: Differentially expressed probes in meta-analysis.xls