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* Combinational search by small molecules and miRNAs.
   Example: The users can investigate the potential associations of small molecules and miRNAs with the combination query. Firstly, users select small molecule type (such as FDA-approved), and choose all (or one of) interested small molecules and miRNAs (taking miR-1 as an example) in pull down menu (Figure 1A-C). Additionally, users should input a desired p-value (the default value is 0.05) and press search button (Figure 1D).

Figure 1. Search page for associations between small molecules and miRNAs.

   The result page presented the statistically significant correlations among the miR-1 and small molecules across multiple conditions (Figure 2).

Figure 2. The searching result page of miR-1.

   Then click ‘more’, users can get the detailed information, such as the structure of small molecule, the indication of drug, the score and p-value of the predicted association between miRNA and small molecule, and so on (Figure 3).

Figure 3. The detailed information page of the association between miR-1 and acebutolol.

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