Curated and Predicted ncRNA in Drug Resistance

The ncDR database is a comprehensive cheminformatics and bioinformatics resource that collect curated and predicted drug resistance-related non-coding RNA (ncRNA). Firstly, through manual curation from nearly 3,300 literatures, we have totally obtained 5,864 validated relationships between 145 compounds and 1,039 ncRNAs (877 miRNAs and 162 lncRNAs) from approximately 900 published papers. Additionally, through combining drug response data, miRNA expression and lncRNA expression profiles from NCI-60 and CCLE projects, we systematically predicted 226,109 drug resistance-miRNA relationships and 213,636 drug resistance-lncRNA relationships, respectively. Overall, ncDR database provides a user-friendly interface for a convenient retrieval of validated and predicted drug resistance-associated ncRNAs. In addition, we encourage the users to directly submit the new records to ncDR for updating the database and making it more comprehensive. Finally, full information in our database can be easily downloaded for systematic analysis. Thus, ncDR database is very valuable to understand the molecular mechanisms of drug response, screen the biological markers for clinical therapy, and promote the targeted research towards ncRNA related drugs.

Citation: Enyu Dai†, Feng Yang†, Jing Wang, Xu Zhou, Qian Song, Weiwei An, Lihong Wang*, Wei Jiang*. ncDR: a comprehensive resource of non-coding RNAs involved in drug resistance. Bioinformatics. 2017 Dec 15. 33(24):4010-4011.


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